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Welcome to SLU Indonesia

The following is a brief profile of our company

Our Vision

To be the RELIABLE technology company in the field of digital lighting and information

Our Mission

SLU Indonesia

PT Sign Lighting Utama provide all, from LED consultation, sales services, installation, maintenance and repairment.

In last decade, LED technology has been very developed.

With many technology improvement, LED technology has developed very advanced. With many mature technology that LED owned, so it slowly becoming very popular and used more.

In advertising and entertainment world, LED display offers lighter weight, endurance, wide selection of screen resolution, and modular construction. So it can positioned as Out-Of-Home media and Indoor, from simple animation for higher video resolution. Opening new creativity dimension, archiving significant higher impact.

As a light source, LED offers longer lifetime lamp and electric efficiency that several time better compare to ordinary lamp. LED chip with small size, given possibility to assemble for brighter and optimal lighting, or to varied decorative lighting. All the advantage and LED potential usage what push PT. Sign Lighting Utama to bring LED technology to Indonesian market. PT. Sign Lighting Utama is ready to be your one-stop solution partner.

Why should choose us ?

There are many reasons, why you should choose us :

From LED consulting, sales, installation, service and repair, we provide you integrated services.

Quality first beyond everything, so only trusted products we offer to our prospects consumer.

Along with our professional and experienced staff,
we are ready to give our best after sales services.

With available of our lighting type for every consumer needs, therefore our products are wide selections and specific.

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